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Anton Christian

Anton Christian

Born in Blackpool in 1957, Anton studied at Blackpool College of Art followed by Norwich School of Art. He worked in advertising for a number of years until 1990, when he was made redundant.

It was while he was looking for work that his four-year-old daughter’s ballet teacher approached him about making a prop for an upcoming production of The Nutcracker Suite, and fate intervened.

“My daughter’s dance teacher asked if I would make a period dolls house as a prop. I gathered some kitchen role tubes, toilet rolls and assortment of cardboard tubes and two Walker’s crisp boxes and set to work.

“I was pleased with the finished product and the dance mistress was really impressed. But not only that, I found that I loved the process of making it and I had re-awakened a long dormant passion for architecture.”

Anton began making beautiful dolls houses to sell and they were quickly snapped up. After a while, he decided to move on and try something more adventurous; drawing inspiration from overseas trips as well as travel brochures, architecture magazines and the world around him, Anton began to create intricate and stunning building façades.

Throughout the 1990s and beyond, Anton was commissioned to work on the ever-popular children’s television series Thomas the Tank Engine, as well as films such as Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Kenneth Branagh’s Love’s Labour’s Lost and the Merchant Ivory production of The Golden Bowl.

Anton uses wood and recycled materials to create his exquisite and unique architectural structures.

Works by this Artist:

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Kingshill House

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