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Bob Frost

Bob Frost

My name is Bob Frost and I am an artist. A painter. I live in Cam and work from a small studio in my garden. I started painting when I was at school, encouraged by my art teacher. When I won a competition to design a cover for the school magazine, I realised I was an artist.

From then on I had no choice; I needed to create. Over 50 years later I am still compelled to paint. Now I have the time and freedom to allow myself to explore.

Happy accidents and mistakes are welcome visitors in my studio practice.

My work is the result of sensing what the paint is doing and feeling my reaction to it in that moment. They are ‘slow paintings’ requiring those looking to take their time. My paintings are enigmatic. They range from calm and contemplative to energetic and demanding.

Works by this Artist:

Exhibiting at:

Kingshill House

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