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Claire Failes

Claire Failes

I’m almost exclusively a landscape painter. I’ve lived in Gloucestershire over 30 years, and the county informs my work. I paint realistically so the onlooker can recognise the view. Also, I consider the composition to ensure the painting is the best that view can be.
I am surrounded by my subject matter; I rarely go far for my next composition. On occasions I’ve painted the same view, the time of year and the weather can alter the light and colours bringing a new fascination to the landscape and composition.
I start by drawing on the spot. It makes you really look and see what is in front of you. I also photograph for secondary reference as well as make notes as to the weather and the colours from the foreground to the far distance.
I paint in acrylic paint in thin layers building up the composition as I go. It allows me to increase the detail as I complete the painting.
My aim is to make the onlooker feel they are present in the view whilst looking at my painting.

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Kings Head

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