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Clare Stephens

Clare Stephens

I have had a life-long love of clay which has involved hand-building and throwing on the potter’s wheel, creating mainly stoneware functional and decorative pieces. Following 37 years as a nurse and midwife, I then completed my BA (hons) in Ceramics at Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2021, and am now studying for the MA in Ceramics, also at Cardiff Met. During the past two years I have been exploring brick clays from Almondsbury, both for the clay body of vessels as well as making terra sigillata's and as elements of glazes.

My midwifery career and that in ceramics, are united by values of empathy, heritage and tacit intuitive interaction with people and the expressive materiality of clay. The vessels in my present body of work illustrate this, although tactile and visual interaction is what I hope they invite.

Works by this Artist:

Exhibiting at:

Dursley Methodist Church

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