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Karen Hilliard

Karen Hilliard

Karen Hilliard Ceramics.
Artist statement
Originally from Dublin, Ireland, I completed a BA Hons at Cardiff Met.
For many years I worked as a public artist creating work in the built environment. My work was large scale, mostly using brick as a creative medium .
Although I continue to accept commissions, I am always itching to play with form and surface. Over the past few years, I have developed a new body of work which allows me to do this.
My interest lies in how the clay and surface can show its character and beauty through additions of slips and underglaze then manipulating the clay to play with the surface. The work I make is for the home. I hope it will be used daily and become part of the joy of the everyday.
My work is heavily influenced by the landscape around me. The lush Cotswold countryside just keeps giving. I am from the coast in Dublin and visit often so sometimes that features too. I enjoy referencing large stretches of landscape or the micro delight of leaves through the dappled light.
I apply slips in a variety of ways on thick slabs, often hand painting on top. The next part of the process involves impressing and drawing into the clay and finally stretching the slabs. At that point the clay will dictate how the form will evolve as it will lend itself better to one process or another.

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