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Katy Kebbell

Katy Kebbell

I make ceramics from my home in Wotton-Under-Edge on the edge of the Cotswolds. I am fascinated by the almost limitless forms, functions, colours and finishes that clay can create, and how it remembers the touch of the makers. Nature inspires what I make, from imprinting botanicals directly into the clay, to the curves and shapes of plants and landscapes echoed in my pieces. The botanical pieces are made by pressing plants I’ve foraged from the fields and hedgerows into the wet clay, leaving behind the wonderful tracery of the leaves and stems making each piece truly unique. Most of what I make is functional, and the majority is made on the potters’ wheel, but I also love to explore other areas of the vast potential that clay holds!

Works by this Artist:

Exhibiting at:

Kings Head

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