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Wizz Stearne

Wizz Stearne

Born and raised in Hampshire in the shadow of the South Downs, I spent my summers traveling to local vintage vehicle gatherings with our family collection of vehicles I was always creative. At school I was clever, but it was art that fed my imagination.

So at college I studied graphics and physics, and went on to do a BTEC in 3D Design at Rochester's University College for Creative Arts, I transferred to Portsmouth University for my degree, again in 3-Dimensional Design.

For a long time I had been suffering with a severe nerve condition in my face and, in 2016, I had brain surgery to help resolve it.

It was in 2017 that I attended a one day Silver Clay workshop. In 2019 I took my Art Clay World Diploma Level 1, followed by Level 2, a year later. These qualifications enabled me to teach this incredible art form and share the magic with others.

Works by this Artist:

Exhibiting at:

Kings Head

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