About Us

Who are we?


During October, artists and makers will have the opportunity to showcase their work. The Tyndale Arts will offer a wide variety of media; painting, photography, textiles, sculpture, ceramics, glass, mosaics and much more. This is fantastic opportunity to meet the artists to talk about their work.


Entry to all the venues is free


How it works

Tyndale Arts Week is a non-profit event and is run by a group of local artists who generously donate their time and expertise.


All funding is generated via exhibition fees, sponsorships and grants.


With Special Thanks


Last year we were fortunate enough to receive grants from the following; 

Dursley Town Council 

Somerfield Charitable Trust

Renishaw Charities Committee 


We are extremely grateful for the kindness and support these organisations have offered. This support has enabled us to purchase our own display boards and hanging systems, which will be used across our venues, and available for use by the venues, and other organisations upon request.




Where are we?

The centre of the Tyndale area is, of course, the high point above North Nibley where the William Tyndale monument is perched on top of a hill overlooking the Cotswold Way. 


This delightful rural area houses many artists who work with a variety of media and this our first opportunity to showcase their work locally.

Get Involved!


There are a number of ways that you might be able to help, as a sponsor, local volunteer, advisor and so on. 


If you'd like to get involved, please do get in touch via tyndalearts@gmail.com or Facebook