Miranda Songer


My Copperplate Calligraphy uses traditional materials, processes and skills that would be recognisable from the 1700s. I enjoy both the quiet contemplation and the purpose of creating pieces that have significance for other people to share.

For the exhibition, if I were selected, I would bring along some individual pieces, plus various stationery items, like some handmade notebooks, as well as cards.

However, I would not be able to attend in person, and fully understand that I might be taking up a place that someone else would love to have. So, I am really delighted to apply, but will understand if not selected.

I would love to organise some opportunities for people to try their hand at this, so perhaps that's something to dream of for next year.

I do hope this year's selection will be ever growing and that you have a rich choice to look over.

Kind best wishes

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