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Christine Dack

oil and acrylic

Leaf & Ground

I have lived in Cam for 15 years now, have walked and painted around the local area. Often preferring winter as one can see the bare bones of landscape forms; my work has taken a more abstract turn, about walking through, being part of it listening and feeling the wind and weather, light falling on different parts of the woodland. Some of the work is influenced by the poetry of Laurie Lee, (he came from the Slad valley) The ancient stone stiles on footpaths around Cam speak of past walkers and workers, akin to other megaliths, so provide an extra dimension to the landscape. I am working towards a more enigmatic portrayal, making a satisfying visual experience, focussing on colour, texture and compositional balance. The work is in oil or acrylic, sometimes using collage. IG: dackchristine
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