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Susan Hartry

Watercolour & Acrylic Paintings

Kingshill House

From camera to ‘canvas’ most of Susan’s Watercolour Paintings from the past 25years have focused on scenes and themes from travels around the UK – with floral and animal subjects, and occasional Acrylic Paintings on Canvas, thrown into the mix. Bristol born, Susan has lived in South Gloucestershire for 50 years with her husband and family, and worked as an Executive Secretarial at Rolls-Royce. However, and despite no formal art training, her Art and Crafts have been an intrinsic part of her makeup since childhood days; developed, adapted and applied to complete various tasks and projects along the way – whether purely creative, domestic, or even office based. Though she principally paints for pleasure Susan has sold Originals, Prints and Cards at Art Events & outlets in Bristol, Cornwall & The Lake District - with some of her work known to be hanging in homes in the US, Spain & the Philippines. Not only has this added another dimension to her art, by preparing her work for display and for sale, she really enjoys engaging with Customers who often recall their own visits to places depicted in her Paintings; and wholly values the satisfaction of a job well done when they want to live with it on their wall. It also, importantly, helps to replenish art materials – which can be quite expensive! Occasionally an ‘odd’ Commission or idea comes along taking her art in another direction – during the mid 1980s/90s, whilst on a career break to raise her family, her medium was Glace Icing painted on over 150 Celebration Cakes from Mickey Mouse to Charlie Chaplin, Florals to Animals, and Steam Trains to Concorde! In 2021 she was asked to paint one (of 16) giant 2D fibreglass Bumble Bee for South Gloucestershire Council’s Summer High Street Bumble Bee Trail; and in 2023 she repaired and refurbished two 3D Shaun The Sheep mini-models for Bristol & South Gloucestershire Girl Guiding, used as visual props at Fetes to attract new members. A community project Susan is particularly proud of was independently running the former South Gloucestershire Stokes Art Group of around 20 mixed ability members, which she founded in 2011; handing over the reins in 2022 to pursue other interests - renamed it continues to be a thriving Art Group.
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