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So, the exhibition is over and you’ve all packed up! Great! We now need only a few more things....

If you sold a piece of art, we require a 10% commission on sales over £20. i.e If your total sales are £100, we require £10 but if you only have £20 sales, you don't have to give us anything.

This commission helps to keep us going and continue to improve and expand as the years go by.

So, please send us this by 1st November please don’t make us chase you, we have no desire to be like the high court bailiffs on Can’t Pay We’ll Take it Away!

The Bank details are the same as the ones we sent when you paid your £30 fee. If you can't find these, feel free to email us and we'll send them over.

Once you’ve paid your commissions to us, please fill in the annual feedback survey which will be sent to you the weekend following the exhibition and you’re done!

See you next year and thank you for exhibiting with us!

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