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So, you've been accepted and paid for your place. Now what?


First things first, we have already got a biography from you but as we are going digital, you can finally go wild! (within reason!) If you want to expand upon the biography you submitted with your application form, make sure to send your full version over as soon as possible!

Once you send that, we will use it for the website, in our digital brochure and to advertise your work on social media as it gets closer to the exhibition dates.

You will also need to have this biography on an A4 sheet to put next to your work when you’re exhibiting with a photo of yourself on it. Many visitors find this useful especially if they want to identify you to talk to you and buy something!

Get all your easels in a row

Once the venue list has been released (no complaints, please!) we will also provide a contact list of all the artists you share a venue with.

Please use this list to organise a meeting at the venue to divide the space between you.

We won’t organise this meeting for you, it’s completely up to you!

If you choose not to respond to others’ emails or attend the meeting, the space you get allocated is final, subject to discussions with those you share the venue you with.


We produce 5000 promotional leaflets which we would ask that you help distribute and suggest at least 50 each. These will be available for collection nearer the time

We will let you know as soon as they arrive. We’ll also use social media, local publications and media and hope that you will include it on your own Facebook and web sites. If you require logos etc. please ask!

We also have 7 large banners which we will display around Dursley (we will endeavour to avoid Banner-gate this year!) and outside each venue. We will also use ‘A’ boards where this is not possible. These and any signage to the venues will be erected by the team.

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