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Arts Week 2017

The first ever Tyndale Arts Week was a roaring success. We had over 500 visitors. It was fantastic to showcase such amazing and unique artists. Have a look below at the exhibitions:

"Loved meeting fellow artists and putting Dursley on the map!"

"I thought Kingshill House a beautiful venue and well visited"

"I loved the musicians in the Methodist Church"

"I loved sharing the event with the other artists and discovering that Dursley has appreciation of art."

"Brilliant concept and I was really chuffed to be a part of it"

"Stunningly beautiful - with a wonderful refreshments team and an awesome Minister"

"Loved seeing so many people around Dursley even on a Sunday afternoon"

Arts Week Launch Reception

"Loved getting to know a wider group of local artists"

"Loved the sense of community and discovering so much local talent on our doorstep"

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