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Setting Up

Time to be agreed between the artists at each venue but mid- morning has been agreed with each venue initially.

Each artist is responsible for hanging their own work.

Take down occurs after the event and must finish by 5pm

You will need more than 3 pieces of work as you will have a minimum of 6ft by 8ft and maybe more depending upon venue!

Tables are available, please bring white sheets or cloths to cover them

We will provide hooks and adjustable hanging wires but if you have any please bring these along too! No nails in our lovely boards please!

Clickers are available for every room/venue so that we can keep a tally of the visitor numbers and also control the number of people in each venue at any given time.

Allocated Space

Because of the number of artists taking part this year, a maximum space per artist will be allocated to ensure that venues don’t get too crowded.

If you would like to have additional space, subject to venue size, we are happy to accommodate this at an additional cost of £30.

Anyone whose work spreads beyond their allocated area or encroaches on another artist’s space will be asked to remove it.

A good rule of thumb is hang only on the boards you're given. We would also request that you don't cover the boards with fabric so that we have clean, professional image.


We are providing boards at The Tabernacle, St James’ and Kingshill House, so no nails in our boards please!

The Methodist church have their own (see venue description for more info)

The Hanging system has adjustable hooks which can hold up to 15kg and are available at all venues. We have some extra-large ones for those with heavier work which can hold up to 25kg. Please let us know if you will need these.

Please make sure that all art work has either a wire or D ring ready for hanging You will have a minimum of 2 boards each and in many cases 3!

If you have your own fishing line/card holders/display racks/easels etc you are welcome to bring those along

Times to set up on the Friday have, or will be, decided by each group at each venue

Tables are available at all venues, but you will need your own white cloths- The Methodist church may have some available

John has made some plinths for 3D work or small easels etc. They are table height and come in 2 sizes; 18’’ square or 4ftx18’’. Please let us know if you would like any, it’s first come, first served!


Label Templates are included here, please use them to label your work otherwise it will look messy!

Just replace the text with your details and press print!


We will also be providing each artist with a badge (I know, don't get too excited we discussed T shirts!) so that we, and the public can easily identify you to buy and chat!


We love having demonstrations and they are very popular with visitors. but please let us know if you are planning to demonstrate aside from the pre-arranged demonstration sessions earlier in the week.

Impromptu demonstrations while lovely in principle are not permitted, unless by prior arrangement with the Tyndale Arts Team. As we would like to be able to use the venues again and we don't want to upset them!

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