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Social Media

Social Media is a great way to promote your work and the trail, so don’t be afraid to take loads of photos and videos during the weekend and share them for the world to see!

When you do post, please follow the details below, this will help us to find your posts and share them on all our social media to ensure you get maximum exposure.


Use the hashtag #tyndalearts and don't forget to tag us! @tyndalearts

Promoting yourself!

As Tyndale Arts is a volunteer run organisation, we need your help to promote Tyndale Arts AND you!

To help with this, we have create individualised content for each of you! Just download the static image post and/or Reel post and post it to your own facebook/instagram page!


These will links will be updated with new content as we get closer to the event but we'll let you know each time they change!

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Angela Scrivin

Claire Russell

Elliot Gilfoyle

Jan Jones

John & Joyce Pinch


Kate Andrews

Liz Spriggs

Melanie Chivers

Rachael Kuczaj

Susan Hartry

Bob Frost

Clare Stephens

Eva Pollard

Jemma Yates

Judith Pemberton-Bennetts

Katie Hall

Marjorie Roper-Marshall

Miranda Songer

Richard Edmunds

Yasmin Jones

Christine Dack

Diane Young

Hannah O'Kelly

Jocelyn Gilfoyle

Karen Schwamm

Katy Kebbell

Martin Clarke

Nicole Avrillon

Rita Dee

Yvette Zoffani

Claire Failes

Elizabeth Oakley

Holly Dunham

Johannes Roux

Karen Underwood

Kay Watkins

Mary Grundy

Nola Bradley

Roz Hull

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