Again, by arrangement with other artists. Most artists choose to be there on both days 10.00-4.30 to meet the public, others split the time between them. We are, however, reviewing this situation and will provide a safe stewarding scheme (bit of sibilance for you there!) as soon as possible

Regardless of the restrictions, please don’t put up your work and leave it alone for the whole weekend. It’s not fair on it, don’t let your work develop abandonment issues!

Also, if someone wishes to buy one of your pieces, they won’t be able to, so it is in your interest to have someone there ready to take the money or a Sum-UpTM or ZettleTM Pin Machine. You do not have to get a machine if you don’t have one, however with COVID-19, we recommend that you have some way to take cashless payments.

For your work’s mental health and ours, if we do find that your work has been left unattended, we will take your work down, store it somewhere safely and offer the space to other artists in the venue to spread out or exhibit more of their work.



We take out public liability insurance but you are responsible for insuring your own work - or not!