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We have some awesome venues for you to exhibit in, we have allocated artists and makers to each venue to ensure an even distribution of different styles in each venue. This means that visitors get a unique experience at every location.


We try to ensure that artists are not in the same venue twice in sucession and to ensure that everyone is treated equally and fairly, everyone has to take a turn in each location at some point. If you were in one venue last year, you will not be there again, sorry!

Curious about the venues? Please find some information below!



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Upper Rooms

Leaf and ground.png




Kingshill House

Kingshill House

A favourite for many artists. Kingshill house is slightly outside the town centre on Kingsdown just off Kingshill Lane. As we take over the entire house for the weekend, artists are placed over the two floors. It is a very communal environment and many visitors like to start or finish the trail here, so it gets plenty of footfall.

Parking is available outside Kingshill House and there is a small lift to the first floor if needed

All the rooms are well lit and large so plenty of room for everybody

Leaf & Ground

























Leaf & Ground is one of our newer venues, with space for around three artists, in the exhibition space in the courtyard. 

With the great light and footfall, it's certainly one artists look forward to exhibiting at!






















Dursley Tabernacle - Upper Rooms

Lead & Ground
Upper Rooms

Also located at the Dursley tabernacle. The upper rooms are located up the steps in the photo shown above! This is another well-lit space and is close to the centre so will get plenty of footfall!

Access is via a ramp for artists and visitors. However, you can’t park directly outside when loading or unloading, so you will need to be able to carry your work from nearby. Parking is available in the side streets and further up the road.

Dursley Methodist Church


Another church located smack bang in the centre of Dursley, it gets plenty of visitors and each artist gets a clear allocated U-shaped space with a table top. They have some white table cloths available but if you have your own please bring them along

The church have their own display boards which they are happy for you to hang your work either via hooks and wires from the top of the boards or from hooks nailed into the boards (i.e. Ikea 3 pin white hooks, they have some available)

We provide hooks and wires but it is always useful if you have extra fishing line.

During the event the church runs a café with tea/coffee and lunches available. The start time on Sunday may be slightly later due to morning service but Phil usually uses the art as part of his sermon, so plenty of attention!

St James' Church

The King's Head

Smack bang in the middle of Dursley, this a great venue with good footfall, particularly thanks to the Sunday Church Service.

With the beautiful stained glass windows, you will never be short of good light! 

Parking is available in the main town car park, but for setting up and taking down you can drive straight up to the main door

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