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Leaf & Ground

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Leaf & Ground


Discover a curated selection of artworks by Tyndale Arts in a dedicated exhibition space within Leaf & Ground, located on the outskirts of Dursley. Immerse yourself in a showcase of local artistic talent.

What to Expect:

* Dedicated Exhibition: Explore a comprehensive display of works by Tyndale Arts' talented artists in a separate exhibition space.
* Discover the artistic talents of the Dursley area in a focused exhibition environment.
Location and Accessibility:
Leaf & Ground is situated on the outskirts of Dursley, offering a convenient stop during your Tyndale Arts trail exploration. While a short drive or bike ride away, it's worth the visit. The exhibition space is fully accessible with level access throughout.

Opening Hours:
The exhibition space will be open during regular Tyndale Arts exhibition hours (10.30am-4.30pm), coinciding with Leaf & Ground's opening hours.

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